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Signpost 05

Aloneness needs to be within the ideal conditions of its effects on us (solitude) and the quality of the idea itself.

Signpost 05

Key Chapter: 7

• 5.1 Aloneness, the state of being by oneself, can lead to solitude or isolation. p.25

• 5.2 Solitude is the positive manifestation of aloneness and can lead to creativity. p.25

• 5.3 Isolation can lead to depression, stress, lack of motivation and burnout. The effects of isolation have been equated to reducing lifespan as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. p.25

• 5.4 Working alone doesn’t necessarily end in feelings of isolation, just as working with others doesn’t eliminate them. An employee working amongst others can still feel isolated if they don’t feel part of the group. p.25

• 5.5 The best outcomes might come from balancing the right amount of one’s own ideas with those of others. p.25

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