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Signpost 22

(B)ehaviour in the workplace can vary as a result of changes in the (E)nvironment and/or the (P)erson.

Signpost 22

Key Chapter: 21

• 22.1 (B)ehaviour is a function of the (P)erson and their (E)nvironment. p.72

• 22.2 Designers focus their attention on the (E)nvironment part of the equation and their aim is to shape it in a way that will promote certain (B)ehaviour. p.72

• 22.3 Behaviour, not space, is enclosed by architecture. p.72

• 22.4 Designers tend to use personas to deal with the (P)erson’s part. However, once conceived, these personas are thought to be constant, closer to demographic stereotypes, than humans. This is a problem because physically identical environments can feel different under subtle changes in the person, for instance when a person is hungry and when the person is satiated. p.72

• 22.5 Those working with the (E)nvironment (e.g. designers) should not to forget about the changing nature of the (P)erson. p.72

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