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Exchanging ideas too early and too often hinders their diversity and potential to innovate.

Signpost 01

Key Chapters: 1, 2, and 34

• 1.1 The geographical barriers between the Galapagos Island resulted in the evolution of three distinct species of iguanas. In perfect isolation, these populations never met, so their genes had the opportunity to drift apart as they evolved in different ways to adapt to their environments. It’s mainly separations of this kind that were originally responsible for all the new species that have ever arisen in this planet. p.3

• 1.2 Isolation could create the conditions for diversity of ideas. These diverse ideas could lead to unknown innovations in an otherwise increasingly hyper-connected world. p.4

• 1.3 The moment you ask for two opinions on something new and interesting that you are doing, it will end up as a watered-down version. p.123

• 1.4 The level of trust we have with those who we share ideas with predetermines what will happen to the idea. But, while trust might allow the idea to develop, it might not contribute to, nor maintain, its uniqueness. p.123

• 1.5 In a strong tie (a person you talk to often), what you know and what they know overlaps a lot, and you’re more likely to have a similar worldview. But people who are far away in your social network, those which you don’t interact much with (weak ties) are less likely to know the same things and more likely to know information which is new to you. p.123

• 1.6 Organisations should be redesigned to intermittently isolate people from each other’s work for best collective performance in solving complex problems. p.124

• 1.7 We overestimate the value of a novel idea compared to a highly effective idea. Innovation can benefit more from an integrated idea than a diverse one, novelty on its own is not sufficient. p.124

• 1.8 Brainstorming groups produce fewer and poorer quality ideas than the same number of individuals working alone. p.125

• 1.9 It’s the social glue, as opposed to creativity which is the main benefit of group interaction. p.125

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