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The Pilgrim's Guide
to the Workplace

Hoping to incubate a unique idea about workplace design, I walked alone for 42 days from Melbourne to Sydney. My pilgrimage delivered 34 Signposts, a collection of insights which hold the promise to guide us to a better place to work. 

The Signposts point away from reactive solutions with a short shelf life. Instead, these markers are infused with a diversity of thought instilled by the pilgrimage and reclaim the forgotten qualities of solitude, boredom, adversity, and absurdity as mechanisms to deliver innovation and create improved working environments.


This is an Open Access book. You have free and unlimited access to a variety of formats.






I write from the perspective of a pilgrim, architect, workplace consultant, and researcher and invite you to join me as a fellow pilgrim. You will be rewarded with a journey that revisits our assumptions about the way we use space to host the ever-evolving notion of work – an expedition leading not only to better versions of the workplace, but a better version of ourselves. 

Pilgrimages and workplace design are not a usual combination, but Agustin makes a case for why they should be. This book reminds us of the potential of thinking about something for longer than we usually do – and when that something is the workplace, it can lead to better places to work and a deeper understanding about ourselves.

Victor M. Sanchez

Head of Global Design and Build at

This book takes about three hours to read, and it could take a lifetime to fully extract all the benefits that it contains.

This does not suggest that there are not immediate benefits available from reflecting on and applying the Signposts that are core to the book's intellectual contribution.

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