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Signpost 08

Understanding the meaning of the workplace as well as its function can lead to better places of work.

Signpost 08

Key Chapter: 9

• 8.1 In Greek mythology, Sisyphus pushed a large boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down when it reached the top. He repeated this task over and over, for eternity. Sisyphus’ punishment illustrates the lack of purpose and meaning that can be experienced in work-related tasks. p.31

• 8.2 If Sisyphus’ boulder was put on a conveyor belt that took it up and down the hill automatically, he might experience relief followed by a well-deserved rest. But then what? p.32

• 8.3 When workers have enough money to support themselves, they still value work in keeping ties to society, promoting personal fulfilment, and maintaining a sense of well-being. p.32

• 8.5 The meaning of work interest psychologists, sociologists, economists, organisational scholars, and philosophers. Architects do not tend to share such interest, but they might be able to design better places to work if they understood the meaning of work as well as the activities needed to do it. p.32

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