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Signpost 09

Experience design and organisation design need to be aligned in the workplace for the organisation to achieve its objectives.

Signpost 09

Key Chapter: 11

• 9.1 Fun can justify doing something as crazy as walking 1,000 km – and working long hours. This aspect of fun has long been understood by proponents of the ‘office-as-playpen’. p.35

• 9.2 From beanbags and ping-pong tables to breathtaking digital installations in the lobby and in-house top chefs, the prop¬osition is still the same: employees would stay put and work hard in a fun environment. p.35

• 9.3 Designing experiences is as old as the earliest human impulse to develop rituals and ceremonies, but the influx of experience designers in the workplace would have been unthinkable a few decades ago. Today, ‘experience’ is paramount. p.35

• 9.4 If experiences are not anchored back to how employees perform their tasks (division of labour) and how these tasks are then reintegrated (integration of effort) to meet the strategic objectives of their organisation, these experiences risk becoming mere gimmicks. p.36

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