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Signpost 26

Work is intangible, tasks are tangible.

Signpost 26

Key Chapter: 24

• 26.1 Work and tasks have a similar relationship with each other as a pilgrimage has with its walk. p.86

• 26.2 We progress work through tasks just as we progress a pilgrimage by walking. But both, work and a pilgrimage are much more than the sum of its tasks or accumulated step. p.86

• 26.3 We can measure the distance covered while walking but we can’t measure a pilgrimage, just as we can measure tasks, but not work. p.86

• 26.4 Pilgrimages and work, stand to lose a lot when we reduce them to their most common metrics: distance covered and its outputs. p.86

Note: Signposts 25, 26, and 27 are closely related and share the same points.

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