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Signpost 31

The need of gamification and added rituals might be tell-tale signs of an overly efficient workplace.

Signpost 31

Key Chapter: 25

• 31.1 The use of gamification in the workplace might be an indication that work and tasks can be decoupled, leaving tasks void of the meaning provided by work. p. 91

• 31.2 In order to become more productive at a lower cost is necessary to explore opportunities to make tasks more efficient. This rational efficiency process comes at the expense of removing traditions, values, and emotions which were strong motivators within such activities. p.91

• 31.3 Rational efficiency might make an organisation more efficient, but conversely it could strip them naked. The proliferation of rituals adopted by some organisations illustrates the process of re-introducing activities that may have fallen victims to rational efficiency. p.91

Note: Signposts 30 and 31 are closely related and share the same points.

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