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A two part exploration of Work and the Workplace under the possibilities of the night.


The Carnival

Carnivals are little moments where people are allowed to be absurd... but it's only for a day or so, that you can upset the balance of everything.*

A fully guided tour through the innards of the
Pilgrim’s Guide to the Workplace where we will explore a curated selection of the 34 Signposts that best align with your organisation’s interests. 


The Hangover

Organisations need absence of absurdity to deliver what they do, to complete the tasks. There’s no space for absurdity when we’re talking about coordination.*

Headaches, nausea, and fatigue are usual side effects of exploring the absurd. In this session we develop strategies to coordinate the potential of the ludicrous with the reality of your organisation.  

* Extract of The Pilgrim's Guide to the Workplace 

Work After Dark is a boutique event tailored to the organisation’s needs. Fill the form below or send an email to start planning your WAD session today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WAD really after dark?

The "After Dark" reference is intended to suggest that the event encourages participants to explore aspects of work and the workplace from perspectives not typically considered during regular work hours. PART ONE: The Carnival would particularly benefit from an after-work session.

How long is each part?

The recommended minimum duration of each part is 2 hours. This is to allow sufficient time to explore and discuss topics in a meaningful way.  Each part can be extended to a half-day session (recommended) for a more comprehensive exploration.

Are both parts necessary?

No. PART ONE: The Carnival can be a standalone event. 

Is WAD an internal event for organisations or a client event?

Both. WAD can help organisations think differently about work and their workplace (Part One) and develop the necessary strategies to implement these new perspectives (Part Two).

It can also be an engaging, high quality client event for companies seeking to engage with their clients and external stakeholders.

Is WAD an in-person event? 

Yes. WAD is exclusively offered in-person to cultivate an immersive environment that fosters deep discussions on rich topics. WAD is available worldwide (travel expenses apply).

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