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Hybrid workplace.

Is it working for                    you?

I am an Architect, Researcher, Author & Speaker.

On a mission to help organisations meet today's challenges at the intersection of People, Space & Technology.  



I have dedicated my career to understanding the notion of work and uncovering environments that best support our working lives.

My interest in the relationship between People, Space and Technology led me to pursue a PhD on the "Evolution of workplace architecture as a consequence of technology development".


I have worked at leading design firms in Australia delivering workplace strategies and research insights around the world. My work has been presented at various international forums and a variety of industry and academic publications.  


I am the research lead for workplace futures at the Centre for the New Workforce and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Design Innovation at Swinburne University, as well as an Honorary Fellow at the School of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne.




TEDx Melbourne  

Soufflés, gymnasts & the workplace of the future

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All Videos

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Good conversations about work and the workplace puts us on the right path to reach better work environments.

Agustin had our audience of 300 Corporate Real Estate Professionals in the palm of his hand at our recent conference.  He stepped us through an intriguing journey that was both physical and mental and cleverly applied it to the new world of work that we’re all grappling with. With equal amounts of laughter and lightbulb moments, our audience was thoroughly entertained, informed and uplifted.  

Caroline Boyce
Signature Executive
Corenet Global Australian Chapter



The Pilgrim's Guide
to the Workplace

Hoping to incubate a unique idea about workplace design,
I walked alone for 42 days from Melbourne to Sydney. My pilgrimage delivered 34 Signposts, a collection of insights which hold the promise to guide us to a better place to work. 

Coming soon.



Boutique research solutions    

I work closely with clients to design a research framework to
assess how well their work environment is performing.

The end result of my consultancy is not 'another report', but pathways to act.






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